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We have entered the year 2019 & with a new year come all things new. For people who have dived into the sea of Digital Marketing & are already too deep into it are aware that certain SEO strategies are to be taken forward from the previous year. And there are certain things in the Digital medium which are to be dealt with a new & different approach. For creating organic traffic for your website or a client’s website it’s necessary to know about these methods. The Digital Marketing gurus include these strategies in the digital marketing course which are being delivered to new people entering this field.


We list here few of the new & old strategies of Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

1. Lift some quality backlinks from your competitors:

One needs to find out the top-ranking pages for a target keyword and the backlinks created for those keywords. These backlinks are your actual competitors. We need build these links with a fresh content.

2. Focus on one timeless Keyword/ topic:

For any brand/ product or website there are few keywords which the users can relate to. We need to find such a word for the website & then focus on that keyword. You can analyze the activity on the chosen keyword on Google by looking at the search results. If we emphasize on one such keyword and work upon it, we can generate lot of traffic for our website.

3.Transform the Timeless keyword into Timeless Content:

Create meaningful content for the chosen keyword or topic. The content must be easy to read for the users. It should be unique and must catch the eye of a user. After creating good content for your website, one needs to promote the content too. When the content is promoted, people will be able to discover the content & that will make them create links to it.

4.Building Broken Links:

We can find the relevant pages (to the keywords which we are focusing on) with outbound links. Once such pages are found, then we can check for broken links on such pages, which can be done using a tool or extension. After finding out the broken links, we can reach out to the people/ bloggers of these pages and let them know of the broken links. With that we may let the people know of our website/ page and ask them to replace the broken link with your link. You are only doing a good deed & it’s a quid pro quo for both the people.

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5.Use Link Roundup:

We can generate traffic from Link Roundups. All we need to do is create timely links to the content which we have created for our website. This timely duration can be daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We just need to look for easy link building opportunities.

6.Building Links by Guest Posting:

Guest Posting is the best SEO strategy for SEO. It’s way too simple & one may go ahead and do it for any quality blogs. One must be careful while creating the backlinks via guest posting, as the blogs where you are creating your links must have a good enough traffic of their own. Once you have found out the blogs which are allow guest blogging/ posting we may reach out to them for guest posting.

7.Link Building through Resource Pages:

We must build quality backlinks to our website through Resource Pages. Resource pages are the webpages/ blogs which list useful links pertaining to a topic or keyword. We can search for the resource pages related to the keywords of our website & then write to them mentioning the content on your own website.

The above strategies for SEO are included in the much sought-after courses like google digital marketing course, hence must be followed and used by everyone in Digital Marketing field.

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