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Are you in the freshman year of college& will have nothing to do during the summer break? Cheer up!! Because now there are plenty of internship opportunities for first year students. All you need to do is to know what you are passionate about & you should be ready to take a little risk. First year students are considered as having less knowledge and skills as compared to their seniors. However, that doesn’t mean that there is any dearth of internship opportunities for first year candidates. Many start ups in India give preference to young talent, irrespective of their college year or age group. One such company is Nerd Geek Lab.

As a first-year student one might not know what kind of internship one wants to do. Hence, students must be ready to take some risks & delve into some challenging jobs. A student can reach out to experienced professionals in the field he/she wants to do their internship in. That’s the best way to gain some insights.

We spoke to few college students who had done internships during and after the first year of their college.

Here We Share Few Internship Experiences

  1. Content Writing:

content writing internship

Deepika was always praised for her writing skills during school days. So, when she was in college she applied for an internship with a magazine & landed the job. She says that it helped her to hone her writing skills & later she started writing her own blog. By doing an internship in content writing you learn a lot about Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing & it will help you get a job after completion of your college.


  1. Human Resources: 

Everyone in college keep listening to various fields in corporate world. So, when Sneha heard about this field, she was really intrigued. She spoke to a cousin who was HR in a private firm and applied for few internships. To her surprise she got the internship. She understood the basics of the Human Resources & now plans to pursue it as a career after college.


  1. Sales & Marketing:

sales & marketing internship

Sales & marketing is a field which is best suited for people who love to interact with others. So, was Sunil. He just didn’t want to sit idle during his summer break after first year of college. So, he applied for internships & landed one in the Sales & Marketing department of a company. As per Sunil, he got the experience of the corporate world &was able to work on his confidence.


  1. Operations:

Mukesh just wanted to earn some cash for a trip he was planning to a hill station. One of his friends suggested to get an internship where he can earn some stipend. Both Mukesh & his friend applied & got the internship in the Operations department in a manufacturing firm. He was asked to assist a senior member of the Operations team & learned a lot about the field.

  1. Programming:

programming internship

Programming was Nitin’s passion since his school days. And then he learned some coding during a semester in his college too. So, during his first year he thought of improving his programming skills & applied for an internship in a Mobile App designing start up. Like Nitin, if you too love programming or feel that you want to have a career in this field then you too must apply for an internship.


  1. Graphic Designing:

graphic designing internship

An artist!!! That’s what her friends used to call her after seeing Kriti’s designs on her computer. She had learned a bit of some photoshopping tools. So, she tried to get an internship in a company as a Graphic Designer. She learned so many other things in Graphic Designing & later on did an online course to make her skills better. Kriti plans to do a second internship after her second year of college.


Aren’t you simply excited after reading the experiences of all these people? If you too want to do an internship in the field you are passionate about then hurry up and make a resume. Speak to some experienced & trustworthy professionals in those fields. Start applying & who knows you might also have an interesting story to tell. And you will be to earn some brownie points for your resume while applying for jobs after graduation.

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